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Congratulations. Well done. I still miss Daysland. I couldn't have raised our daughters in a safer, friendlier setting than this community. Daysland will always be apart of home for us.

Very nice job on the website. Seems that a lot of thought went into this project.

Just checked out the new website and I love it! I am so happy to be back working for the Town of Daysland and look forward to helping the residents in any way I can.

Like the web-site but really like the community. We have been doing work for a property owner in the town for the last couple of years. Like the community so well and are now moving to Daysland. Looking forward to calling it "HOME". Senior center folks are so friendly and welcoming.

We look forward to having you join our Town!

I am trying to find a Penny Raynard or members of her family. I know she was in Daysland in 199- I am researching the POTTS family.
Cheers from South Australia

Took a quick tour of your website and like what I saw!
May have to implement some of these ideas into our own website :)

Our family lived in Daysland from 1967 to 1969, have so many fond memories of all the wonderful people there. Did grade 8 and 9 there. Mark Weller was with me - we were 14 years old then, his Dad ran the grocery store. My Dad taught at the school. Such a long time ago, but very much in our heart and mind. I am visiting Edmonton for work and it feels like coming home. So much has changed. So many have gone - my mother passed away 3 weeks ago and I noticed Mark's parents also passed away last year.

My younger brother was only 4 years old in Daysland, he lives in Florida. Met him at my mother's funeral and he still remembers names of friends and neighbours. I remember Reverend Morgan and his sons Charles and Larry. One of the teachers was Mr. Narine. Ms. Purvis helped us so much - she showed us how to grow vegetables. Our next door neighbours were the Lupinos. I remember Serena Lamoris, Gary Evenson and others from my school days. We have fond memories of Daysland, I took driver training in Killam, rode my bike to the highway and took a bus, was only 14 years old.

Are there any people from those families still in Daysland? Can anyone connect me to Mark Weller?

I am in Edmonton until Friday catching a 2pm flight back to Toronto area. My email address is

Best wishes,


My Father Francis Horace Berry was in Canada Pre WW1 around Camrose Daysland and BWALF and as a child in Scotland (My father went to the UK for WW1 and married across there and settled in Edinburgh) there were lots of Photos of Canada ONE BEING THE DAYSLAND CORNET or SILVER BAND ...... He claimed to have had a quarter section in what is now Edmonton but when a POW (He was shot down and ended up in the WW1 STALAG LUFTE 111) the taxes were in arears and it was lost ,,Dad had seen oil wells and wet gas wells ' BLOW IN ' round Black Diamond and Medicine Hat and claimed IT WAS ALL BALD HEADED PRAIRIE because the buffalo trimmed off all the trees .... The big rock at OKOTOKS was in the pics as was the FIRST TRAIN into HIGH RIVER ... Cheers AJ BERRY (Nanaimo BC)

I am a Canadian citizen living in the US at present. I would like to move to Canada and Daysland looks like such a lovely spot. I would love to move there. Maybe I will be able to do so in the not too distant future. It is so nice to see pictures of open, green space.

Move to Daysland in 1939 with the onset of WWII. Bob Hanrahan introduced Lloyd Gerhart to me in Grade 3 and now in our 80s we are still lifelong email buddies. Great memories going to school in Daysland till grade 9. My grand parents owned the Daysland Hotel and Lloyd's parents ran a garage about a block away. Bob Hanrahan was our mentor in hockey and baseball. Mr. Houghton was our school principal and many other teachers were Miss Brundage, Mr. Carroll, Mr. Berry, Mrs Anderson, to name a few. As the bat boy, I played my first senior men's baseball game while still in grade 6. I still have a spike scar on my right leg as I slid home safe on a pass ball. Great times, great mentors.

My Dad, Charles Robert Edinger, was born in Daysland on June 17, 1917 to Lloyd Edinger and June Craig Edinger. We visited there when I was 20 and I, along with my Dad, was fascinated with this prairie town. it was until long after he was gone (and had started his ancestry research) that I discovered why. His parents, both of American ancestry had gone up to Daysland as a very young married couple to help farm with one of Lloyd's aunts and uncles. I figured that out from the Canadian census on-line, something Daddy didn't have available to him when he died in 1984. My husband and I are going to travel up north from Denver this summer so I can put that short afternoon's visit in perspective again. Some 53 years later. Thanks for your website. It is wonderful!

I was born in Daysland, January 1984 with a last name Hill. My birth mother is Carol Hill, my birth father is Louis Majcher. I am looking for more information, any help would be appreciated.


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